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To those hunters like me keep reading and for those not like me, it is probably a good time for you to close your eyes and stop reading.

Well I am just an average broke guy from Missouri that enjoys those brisk mornings in a marsh, boat, flooded timber or even dry fields.  I started duck hunting when I was in high school.  My father and I had a family friend that should of warned us how addicting and great waterfowl hunting is.  Well  that is all I will say for now, since the blog should tell the rest of the story.  Hope you stick around and enjoy.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Well my fellow duck hunters, who all has that inner itch tickling them.  No, I am not talking about those crabs from that dirty girl you knew for a night.  I am talking about that waterfowl itch.  Come on, get your head out of the gutters and back in the marsh.

Well waterfowl shows are starting back up on television.  Waterfowl conventions are popping up.  This past weekend I went to Roger's Sporting Goods in Liberty, Missouri.  It was such a pleasant reprieve to walk around hearing the calling competition taking place looking at Momarsh and Four River's layout boats.  It was so tempting to pick up a few calls from the vendors and try them but I choose not to for fear of wastefully spending money before the season even starts.

So with the season coming what do all of you hunters do to prepare.  I pull my calls out of the mothballs and start practicing.  I get my how to call dvds out and start watching them along with my hunting videos.  I listen to the videos and try to mimic what I hear.  I read last year that a guy Amoralled his decoys at the beginning of the season.  I figured I would give it a try this year since my decoys had been outside for two years in the decoy bags.  I am sure they need some moisture to liven them up.

I am planning on scouting out the lands to see what the conservation lands are like and the lay of that land.  I am actually planning on hitting up Cabela's in KS to see Chad Belding from Banded and the Fowl Life products on August 10.  Then just waiting for dove season to start to get the practice for the real prize, ducks and geese.

Hope everyone gets started on their preseason prep because the season is here very soon.  Don't worry I am sure I will end up in the water again this year and I will be writing more posts on my crazy hunting adventures.  So stay tuned in and don't forget to comment.  I enjoy hearing feedback on the blog and any tips people can provide.

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