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To those hunters like me keep reading and for those not like me, it is probably a good time for you to close your eyes and stop reading.

Well I am just an average broke guy from Missouri that enjoys those brisk mornings in a marsh, boat, flooded timber or even dry fields.  I started duck hunting when I was in high school.  My father and I had a family friend that should of warned us how addicting and great waterfowl hunting is.  Well  that is all I will say for now, since the blog should tell the rest of the story.  Hope you stick around and enjoy.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Session #8 The season is coming upon us fast

Session #8
The Season is coming upon us fast

Well it has been almost a year since my season.  I figured it was time for another.    Everything is ready except for the party guests to arrive.

My knee is healing up very well and I am ready to finally get in the marsh.  I push my knee and leg as much as I can to build the muscle that was lost in a month of not using the leg.  It is amazing how much muscle is lost in atrophy.  I had to learn how to engage the muscles so I could walk again with both legs.  It is more of a challenge than most can imagine.  It is truly a humbling experience to be in especially when one thinks about all of the military men and women who have lost more than just a torn ligament.  Not sure how many that will read this are veterans but thank you for all that you have done and given.

On a side note I have spoken with some great guys from Mississippi.  They created two amazing camo patterns, one of flooded timber and the other is flooded corn.  They started a company called Muddy Waters and here is their website.  This year I will be trying some of their products in the field and marsh.  They have just recently changed the way they operate their business and will have more items coming out soon.  I am not a guy that will blow smoke up your skirt or try to push a product.  I just want everyone to know good products and spend their money wisely.  I know all about a tight budget and spending wisely, my significant other cracks the whip when I spend to much on waterfowl products.

So with that little refresher on where I am be ready for the duck season and stories to come.  I missed last year hunting but this year I will not miss.  I have much to learn and teach if I can get my thoughts to words.  Stay tuned and share hunting. 

Session #7 Season begins but I just warm the bench

Session #7
Season has begun but I just warm the bench.

Well the waterfowl season has began here in Missouri, finally.  My boat is ready, decoys are ready, gun and ammo are ready but I am not ready.  I recently had ACL surgery to repair a tear that happened during my full time job.  So now I lay here in my bed.  I lay and sit with my leg in a machine called a Continuous Passive Motion machine.  The machine bends my knee without having to contract muscles.  it is a monotonous task of a hour on the machine and a hour off, with ice applied while off.  For those who have knee surgery you can relate to the  boredom that occurs to one that can not move freely, cabin fever.  To those that have not try to think of those days as a young child where you were stuck inside due to rain storms or even snow storms.  A person can only watch so much television.  Luckily I have been stockpiling duck hunting videos to get me through my waterfowl withdrawals.  I have been practicing my calling skills, mimicking the hunters and the waterfowl themselves.

This has been a learning experience of how hard it is for people who are disabled permanently or even temporary.  Performing minimal tasks has become a tedious chore, say using the restroom or even cooking.  The only light at the end of the tunnel for this endeavor is the plan of hunting with my good friend in his new home of Nebraska.  He has been tormenting me with pictures of great hunts he has been having.  Hopefully I will not be to rusty on my shooting skills.  To all of those hunters be safe and good hunting.  EVERYONE is welcome to comment and share their hunting stories and lessons.