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To those hunters like me keep reading and for those not like me, it is probably a good time for you to close your eyes and stop reading.

Well I am just an average broke guy from Missouri that enjoys those brisk mornings in a marsh, boat, flooded timber or even dry fields.  I started duck hunting when I was in high school.  My father and I had a family friend that should of warned us how addicting and great waterfowl hunting is.  Well  that is all I will say for now, since the blog should tell the rest of the story.  Hope you stick around and enjoy.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Session #5 Dinner and Prep Work

Session #5 Dinner and Prep Work

So as the season draws closer it feels as if I was driving on a highway to season start but I am driving in western Kansas.  Driving plenty fast but not fast enough to get through the lull in the drive.  So to pass the time I thought I would cook something up for dinner.  Cooking is one of my other hobbies, for those that do not know me that well.

So I look in the freezer for some protein to cook, what do I find.  Duck breasts from last season.  I started looking and I thought to myself, dang I need to start eating this duck before the season starts and I bring home more meat.  Luckily my goose was gone super fast with Sarah loving goose.  She ate the goose as fast as I could stack them on the ground.  

So I pulled some breasts out to cook and thawed them out.  Now I was thinking how do I want to cook them.  I have tried some other ways that did not turn out well at all.  So the two ideas I thought of was breading strips with "Andy's fish batter" or marinating and wrapping with bacon.  Bacon I am thinking of but I wanted to grill it and I am to broke to buy the grill I want, working on saving the money up.  So I try to think of how I can cook the bacon to crisp and not over cook the breast.  So as I think about that dilema I think of sides.  So a thought comes to mind, duck is a classy fancy piece of meat.  What is classier and fancier than mushroom risotto and asparagus.  Asparagus needs some love then and I will have bacon so what better love then BACON love.  That is right take a healthy veggie and wrap it in BACON.  Well I figured out how to crisp up my bacon and not over cook it and the breast.  I dug out my cast iron dutch oven for the asparagus since I have a tiny stove top with three small electric rings and only one big ring.  For the duck I grab my large cast iron pan.

So I marinated the duck breast for about four hours in soy sauce, two cloves or garlic, a quarter of a red onion, and fresh ground pepper.  I wrapped the duck and the asparagus in bacon and started the risotto with onions and garlic.

So now that the asparagus bacon is crispy I put the dutch oven in the oven to finish off the asparagus without crisping the bacon to much.  I focus on the risotto since it seems that a lot of people think it is very hard to make.  I cooked up the rice with a large box of chicken stock and one can of beef stock, to me it gives the best flavor to the rice.  

So the breasts are finally cooked, everything is plated and served.  Now the tough critique from Sarah.

So as we sat down to eat, I began to taste and sample everything.  I finally look up and see Sarah had completely eaten the duck breast half bacon and all.  I asked her if it was good.  Sarah with her mouth full mumbled it is amazing.  I finally tasted the duck and realized she was right.  The whole meal was restaurant quality and definitely a $17 meal.  The risotto was cooked perfectly, creamy and a hint of Marsala wine.  The only down side to the meal was the asparagus was more fiberous than expected.  I had already cut three to four inches off the bottom of the spears trying to prevent that.  

So now that dinner was done all I can think of  was, "Is it duck season yet."  So to take my mind off of it, I think hey I need to Armorall my decoys still.  This is the first time I have ever done this to them.  Some of my decoys are four seasons old and have spent a the off seasons outside in the weather since I lived in an apartment.  The decoys were looking oxidized and not as vibrant as they should be.  So I after Amoralling the decoys they looked amazing.  I found one decoy that rattled,  I was not the one who put a pellet of shot in it or at least I hoped I was not.  Found another that had water in it.  The factory hole in the tail feathers had come loose.  Guess that hen was shaking her tail feathers to much.  So I shook most of the water out and let her hang so I would remember to glue the hole shut.  I went to get more carabiners since I run my decoys on Mojo texas rigs.  I had run a dozen on a carabiner but decided to try a half dozen this year and see how that goes for ease of unloading and loading decoys in the bags.

So now that I had done some preseason prep work and eating some delicious duck.  I sat back and felt relieved that some of the pressure and anxiety released, at least till next week.  

Stay safe and comment on this post with what prep work you do to get ready for the waterfowl season. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Session #4: Preseason Addiction Tweaking

Session #4 Preseason Addiction Tweaking

Outside Cabela's KC, Kansas
Well the past weekend I and my gorgeous lady went to see Chad Belding from "Banded Nation" and the Fowl Life television series.  Cabela's was having a their Waterfowl Classic.  I had a blasted I am sure my lady enjoyed it a little too.  She has been wanting to go duck hunting with me since I meet her, well it looks like she will get too.

I started watching the Fowl Life last season and really enjoyed the down to earth vibe that the show put off.  You watch some of the waterfowl shows and the guys seem to be very full of themselves.  It is almost like they have forgotten where they came from.  Chad in the Fowl Life has not forgotten that at all.  The show is how I try to write this blog.  You get to watch the down time shenanigans and the amazing trigger time that makes the hunts memorable.

Ok, so back to the Waterfowl Classic.  Well first stop was to see Chad and get his autograph, to bad it was not on a check or a contract to join his Banded Nation team, maybe next year.  I got his autograph and his friend's (Luke Hochevar, KC Royals pitcher)  Chatted with him for a brief moment due to a line of people waiting to do the same.  So off we went then meandering around the store.  The store was packed full of decoys.  Decoys were at the front entry way and then down every isle way.

I stopped by the Patternmaster booth and began chatting with them, bad idea for a broke person to do that.  Well I had been looking at the Code Black choke last year but decided to not buy it at that time.  Well he convinced me to try it out and I put one in my basket.  Sorry for who ever left their basket empty on the floor.  They probably turned around and thought the Cabela's gnome stole it.  Those gnomes are a tricky bread especially on Black Friday with a limited promotion item.

Don't worry I know the package is empty, I had to put it in my gun.

So then I came across the Banded calls display.  Since I am always looking for that easier to blow more realistic call, that I like and I can afford I stopped to look at what they had.  I picked up the Big Bub since I already have the Little Bub.  The call was amazing priced even if it was not on sale it was decently priced.

All last year I had been looking for the duck blind colored face paint from Camo FX.  I bought a black and grey colored version last year and loved it but I lost it some where after the first use.  I finally found the duck blind color and grabbed two for the season.  

Then off to the bargin cave to see what was on sale.  I have found some great deals in that place for duck gear.  Just do me a favor leave some of the good stuff for me.  As I walked by the register and counter I saw some Banded calls sitting there screaming my name to try them out.  A very helpful worker pulled some out for me to try, he even pulled out alcohol swabs.  The worker was so helpful.  I finally settled on a gorgeous orange pearl Mallard Queen call.  I just knew I had to get it and put the Big Bub back on the display.  

Since my lady wanted to hunt with me she needed some waders.  While I had the worker's attention I asked him to help us for some waders.  He helped us search and found a pair of chest waders.  They were Cabela's Northern Flight single strap waders.  The worker said that the waders were discontinued because the camo pattern was out dated and not produced anymore.  I thought to myself holy crap the pattern came out last year or two minimum.  I saw the price and told him that we were looking for a cheaper pair since she was just seeing if she enjoyed waterfowl hunting.  We told him the price we were looking for and he crunched some numbers.  He came back and said he would sell it for the price we wanted.  I screamed "Sold" and startled the worker.  Do not worry there will be a picture of her in them in later posts I am sure of it.

So off we went paid for our booty, wait that is backwards.  Oh well it is our treasure for sure and we can't wait to try it out.  

I couldn't wait to "practice" the call so as my lady drove me around the Legends shopping center.  I blew the call and made shoppers laugh and jump.  I enjoy bringing smiles to peoples faces and this didn't even involve me falling in the water, huge bonus for me.

Well this session has remedied the addiction tweaks for the time being.  Well that and dove season is around the corner.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Well my fellow duck hunters, who all has that inner itch tickling them.  No, I am not talking about those crabs from that dirty girl you knew for a night.  I am talking about that waterfowl itch.  Come on, get your head out of the gutters and back in the marsh.

Well waterfowl shows are starting back up on television.  Waterfowl conventions are popping up.  This past weekend I went to Roger's Sporting Goods in Liberty, Missouri.  It was such a pleasant reprieve to walk around hearing the calling competition taking place looking at Momarsh and Four River's layout boats.  It was so tempting to pick up a few calls from the vendors and try them but I choose not to for fear of wastefully spending money before the season even starts.

So with the season coming what do all of you hunters do to prepare.  I pull my calls out of the mothballs and start practicing.  I get my how to call dvds out and start watching them along with my hunting videos.  I listen to the videos and try to mimic what I hear.  I read last year that a guy Amoralled his decoys at the beginning of the season.  I figured I would give it a try this year since my decoys had been outside for two years in the decoy bags.  I am sure they need some moisture to liven them up.

I am planning on scouting out the lands to see what the conservation lands are like and the lay of that land.  I am actually planning on hitting up Cabela's in KS to see Chad Belding from Banded and the Fowl Life products on August 10.  Then just waiting for dove season to start to get the practice for the real prize, ducks and geese.

Hope everyone gets started on their preseason prep because the season is here very soon.  Don't worry I am sure I will end up in the water again this year and I will be writing more posts on my crazy hunting adventures.  So stay tuned in and don't forget to comment.  I enjoy hearing feedback on the blog and any tips people can provide.