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To those hunters like me keep reading and for those not like me, it is probably a good time for you to close your eyes and stop reading.

Well I am just an average broke guy from Missouri that enjoys those brisk mornings in a marsh, boat, flooded timber or even dry fields.  I started duck hunting when I was in high school.  My father and I had a family friend that should of warned us how addicting and great waterfowl hunting is.  Well  that is all I will say for now, since the blog should tell the rest of the story.  Hope you stick around and enjoy.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Session 2 "Walrus in the marsh"

Well  now that the hunts are getting blurred together it is time to talk about the most memorable hunts.  So I had just gotten my layout boat this past season.  I had tested it a few times and even hunted out of it a few times.

My hunting party drew in to Grand Pass through the poor line.  It was a cool morning since a cold front was pushing through the area.  I had convinced my brother in law to come along with my dad and long time friend Cameron.  We unloaded the trucks and I sent Cameron on the way to the where I wanted to set up.  My brother in law and my dad helped me finish unloading my the rest of the gear from my truck.  I sent them on their way walking since I had my boat.  My dad and brother in law are not in the greatest shape so they needed a little head start to get at the spot.  This was my brother in laws first waterfowl hunt ever.

So I launched my boat and started making my way down to the spot with all the gear.  I made it about five yards from where I launched the boat.  The some how, I lost my balance.  It is never good to loose your balance in a boat, just saying.  Well, I am sure everyone can see where this is going.  Yes I fell out of the boat.  I just did not fall out though. I fell backwards off the side of it. head first. The water was not freezing but the air temperature was just above.  The water was only about shin to knee deep.  Most people say well that is not bad just stand up.  I hit the water with my upper back, I tucked my chin to my chest because who knows what is in the water.  So my head and upper body is under the water.  I think my feet are still hung up on the boat so I tried to lift myself out of the water with my arms.  I struggled to catch my breath since the water was so cold it sucked the air out of me instantly.  I tried flung my arms around just trying to grab the boat or push off the ground.  I finally get my knees under me and get the top of my waders out of the water.  The trapped water rushes down to my knees then I get to my feet.  I am gasping for air so loud Cameron turns around from 100 yards away to see what the commotion was about.  My dad rushes over to me shouting "are you ok, are you ok."  My hearing had constricted like I had two sea shells covering my ears.  I was gasping so loud it had to sound like an animal was having "coitus" in the marsh or a walrus escaped from the zoo.  I am still gasping unable to answer my dad.  He shouts again "are you ok."  I finally get enough air in my lungs to say yes.  I slowly get my breathing back under control as the cold water sucks the heat from my legs.  My dad asks me "what do you want to do."  I probably shouted back at him, since my hearing was still messed up, let's push on and set up.  My dad being a good father said you can't do that you are soaked and cold.  I told my dad I am hunting today, I have a dry coat in my boat.  So I pushed on and finally got to the spot.  My legs are warming up since I walked the boat the rest of the way to the spot.  So we set up, my alarm for shooting time goes off on my phone, I think crap my phone was in my wader's pocket.  So I pull it out, damn glad I put my phone in a Ziploc bag for the first time of the season.  I always fall in the water once a waterfowl season.  So the ducks are flying over our spread that is not completed.  I tell my dad and brother in law to load up and start shooting the ducks that come in close.  Cameron and I hurry to set the spread up and push our boats into a group of trees.

So as the day goes on we kill a few here and a few there.  My dad moves to a better spot on the setup that hides him better.  He finishes the day limited out, my brother in law does not think the birds can see him.  We all agreed that the ducks were turning after a look because of him.  My brother in law had not camouflage on, just a black shirt.  We tried to get him to sit further in the trees but he wouldn't.

So mid day every duck hunter always has to take a bathroom break.  Luckily I have the boat so it keeps me dry when I pull down my waders.  So I am standing on my boats front when Cameron's dog, Goose, gets up out of Cameron's boat and hops in the water and tries to climb on my boat.  I had my back to him so I had no clue.  Goose puts his front feet on my boat and starts to push my boat sideways.  I about loose my balance again and shout "CRAP."  Goose stops and everyone starts laughing.  I finally get back inside my boat and pull Goose up.  For some reason he likes the front of my boat instead of Cameron's boat.

not the same hunt but he likes it there
After some persuading I got Goose to climb into the cockpit behind my layout blind in my boat, the spot I try to stand in while I move my boat.

Cameron and Goose
So as the day ends we move back to the trucks, load up, and take a few pictures.  I peel off my waders and heavy socks.  I wring the water out of my socks and just go bare foot in my muck boots.  My waders are soaked completely through and weigh a ton now.  My upper body felt dry as a bone but I pulled off my shirt and Under Armour cold gear. I wrung water out of my Under Armour and was amazed how I felt so dry with that much water in the shirt.

Dad and Dave, brother in law

Dave and I

So to close my second session of therapy learn from my lessons.  First thing first, I need scuba equipment when I duck hunt.  Second, put your electronics in Ziploc bags.
Third, bring spare clothes just in case.  Finally the most important, wear camouflage and you must break up your silhouette to hide from the keen eye of waterfowl.

Even a rough day in the field is still better than no day in the field.  I was cold and the hunting was not the greatest but with family and friends it makes the poor times great.  Then to top it off with a great story of a "walrus on the loose in the marsh" makes the day unforgettable.